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Baba and Seti

Another Saturday night in Kathmandu.

rain 0 °C

I woke up in fright this morning to the cleaning lady body slamming on my door asking to clean my room.. I struggled to pull out one earplug and instinctively yelled out “No thank you!” . When someone responded in the hallway with a “what?” I realized that it was not the cleaners knocking on my door but just general construction happening within the building.. This is usually my morning..

Now, it’s 1 am and Baba walked me half way home. I was at a friend’s place today/night. Another night of singing, laughing, story telling, travel telling. A pleasant evening in it’s own right.

It starts raining after we’ve sung happy birthday to another traveler.. It’s the first time it’s rained since my arrival to Nepal and I’m surprised it’s not snowing because it’s quite cold.

Baba is an alpha male dog that lives at my friend’s guest house. Him and his ‘lady’, Seti, follow me for quite some time where there is only a slight amount of light coming from the moon that is blanketed by clouds.. His girl takes off and he follows me when I call his name. He follows me to a point where I know where I am and he gets distracted by other smells and whatever goes through a dog’s mind.

The streets are empty on this Saturday night but at this point the glowing lights leftover from New Year’s illuminate my path.
There’s no one in sight. It’s a peaceful fast paced walk back to my place.
I make it home.

I hope Baba and Seti made it home out of harms way..

They are the first dog’s that I’ve ever pet out here. I really don’t have the blind trust that I used to with animals. Especially monkeys.

Everyone keeps asking if I’ve been to the Monkey temple. I always giggle at this as I say in my head “yeah right an entire compound filled with rabid blood hungry beasts., where do I sign up?” Anyway, I tell them I’m not a big fan of monkeys. They tell me I must put that feeling aside as this temple is supposed to be the most breathtaking structure to grace our planet. They don’t get it. They say they usually carry sticks when the monkeys start to get aggressive.. This doesn’t make me feel better about visiting the temple..

Okay ‘droopy eyes’ are kicking in. I’ve had another wonderful day and can honestly say that each day keeps getting better than the last.

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Nepal II

When the paved road ends.

semi-overcast 15 °C

Traveling is a funny thing. I've been silent mostly beacuse there's only so much I can write about the people and the city.

I did get off my lazy bum and onto a bus to the gorgeous town of Pokhara, at the base of the Annapurna region of the Himalayas.

The bus ride was gorgeous and the rivers of Kathmandu disappeared and turned into a tuqouise blue by the time I opened my eyes. There were fields of cabbage patches. The sun shone on the beautiful river and there were waterfalls flowing from cliffs into the water.

Our dear friend Lester took off back to Melbourne and soon it was just down to Sau, Tristan, and Quenelda. Tristan and Que are from Melbourne and Sau is from Pourtsmouth..

We made it to Pokhara and to a nice little garden guesthouse called Guari Shankar. It was an amazing change in vibe as the last place we all stayed in Kathmandu was run by an alcoholic nicknamed "Hitler" by his daughter. The rooms were like dungeons and smelled like foot cheese and cigarettes.

This new place in this cute little town is blanketed by gorgeouse orange flowers that look like massive honey suckle flowers. There's several different types of birds that chirp at the right volume every morning and the rooms are clean. The men who run this place are cousins who used to be in the Gurkha army for 20 years. They are hard faced but friendly enough. They have a tough sense of humor that I've learned to crack.. None of the staff drink alcohol and I'd trust the main boss with my life.. If a rabid tiger came along I'd have no doubt that he'd roundhouse kick it in the throat only to knock it out, give it a verbal lesson in whatever languange tigers speak, cure it's rabies, and then carry it back into the forest where it belongs. Yeah he's that cool..

Ok so that's the update in a nutshell and now the reason for my blogging..... As always needs to be influenced by some sort of odd event.

This is going to get personal and very detailed.

I decided to have a day by myself.. I woke up and ate at my favorite restaurant a bowl of chicken thentuk. It's basically chicken soup with fat noodles in it. It's very comforting. I read my book "The White Tiger" for a bit and then decided to rent a motorbike and go on a photo adventure as I haven't been on one in a while..

I drove and drove and drove till the lake ended. That's when the breakfast decided not to agree with me. Now at this point I was so far from even the idea of the comfort of a western toilet that I nearly convinced myself to drive back. But I held it in and as the body does, the pains passed and I was able to concentrate on my fun ride again. Then they came back and I decided that I'd gone far enough when I'd just passed a Nepali family. They yelled at me and I kept going not thinking much.

Soon the father raced up to me on his motorbike and in his broken English asked him if his kids could hitch a ride with me. To where? I had no idea. "Absolutly!" the humanitrian inside me shouted out. My insides did not agree with this decision. I figured it could not be that far...

So the little one sat in front of me and the older one on the back. Mama, Baba, and baby boy were driving infront. We drove and drove and drove. I ached for a toilet once more. The paved roads ended ages ago. At this point it's only a dirt race track. It's fun but not with two kids and cramps.
In my mind I think I'm just taking these people home, and in the Nepali fashion they'd ask me to eat dahl bat drink masala tea. I'd scarf down the meal as fast yet politely as possible and make a speedy ride back to Pokhara, give hugs, and be done with it. God I could not be further from that assumption..

So as the ferris wheel neared, we turned right. We drove this far to go to a carnival?! A carnival in the vaguest sense of the western idea of a carnival. A ferris wheel, a blow up slide thingy, the big swing that swings 20 people at the same time, and a pirate ship ride. Also second hand shop stands, a concert, and a volleyball tournament..
The girls road the blow up slide thingy, mom looked at clothes and put them back down and we all listened to the concert.

For all of this we stayed for 15 minuets, tops... Really? yeah..

So back on the road. An hour back to Pokhara. I asked Baba (meaning father) that we stop at my guest house. That's all I wanted was my toilet and then stuff me with all the dahl bat and masala tea that you want.. However, as it goes miscommunication is always the problem out here, no matter how clear you think you have made your self, miscommunication will always win.

So we got back to town and I was forced to come inside their home. I sat and waited for dahl baht and tea. At this point I couldn't be polite any longer I told them I had a bad stomach and had to leave. I told them I'd print out all the photos I took of them and bring them the prints tomorrow. So I've been invited over for dahl baht tomorrow evening. This should be interesting as no one can really speak English except for the little girls.

I quickly got on my back and made it back. Home sweet home to Guari Shankar...

Now the power is about to cut out again. 4 hours of electricity today. Wooo!

I'll try and make the next posting more exciting and sooner.....

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